How to monitor Subversion repository when you don't have local adminstrative access

For projects I am involved in, I like to be notified of all commits to the source code repository, including context diffs. This helps me monitor code changes that may affect what I am working on and allows on-the-fly code review (vs waiting some undetermined--likely never occurring--time in the future to review code changes).

I've worked on projects that use Subversion to manage the project's source code. Subversion allows administrators to configure the repository to send out email notifications when commits are made via post-commit hooks. When I administrate subversion repositories, I make sure to enable email notifications.

However, there are times when I may not have administrative access. This can occur during consulting gigs and/or when dealing with limiting/restricting/inexperienced IT personnel, making setting up such a facility unlikely.

What to do? Well, I've written a Perl script that allows one to monitor a remote subversion repository, and send out mail notifications if desired. The script is called svnrreport. For now, you can download it via the following link:


To view the documentation run one of the following commands:

perldoc svnrreport


svnrreport -man

Or, your can view it online here.

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